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J and L Locksmith Salem

J and L Pacific Lock And Key and been a big part of the locksmithing industry in Medford Oregon for some time now. As they have become more respected and trusted in their industry, they have really started to grow. Because of this growth, they are now able to service many more people in and around Medford when needed 24-hours a day.

Having already expanded their Locksmith company into Ashland Oregon and Grants Pass, J and L were looking where else they could take their skills to help the community. Oregon is still their base, so what would be the next right move? Salem sounded like a great idea to owners Joseph Leslie Long. But just picking up and starting in a new area is no easy task. Especially in a competitive industry like the locksmith world. No guts no glory.

About J & L Locksmith in Salem Oregon

Joe decided to go for it anyway and have officially expanded their store (J and L Pacific Lock And Key Salem Oregon) with high hopes. Salem is in need of help quite often with thousands of searches a month for help with home security and well as emergency lockouts. No one ever thinks of how important a job a locksmith has until they are stuck at a store at 10pm in the cold with their keys locked in the car. This at some point has probably happened to most of us and when it does, you definitely appreciate someone like J and L in those times.

24-hours service techs can typically get to you in about an hour depending where you are. I know and realize that that seems like a long time, but you have to consider during after hours, technicians are typically with family, out on the town, or even in bed. How long would it take you to get somewhere if you are sound asleep and get a phone call? If you take this into consideration, it will make sense even though it is no fun sitting out in the cold having to wait.

J and L Salem Oregon

Local Salem Locksmith Service

All of the emergency staff on hand at J and L in Salem OR are well trained and experienced so upon arrival, getting into the car itself typically takes only a few minutes at most. Sometime 15-20 depending on the make and model of the car as ease of access varies. Most people think “hey, that only took a few minutes, this should be like $10 right?” But consider this service the same as an emergency plumber. There is a one hour minimum and you just called someone off the clock who has to drive both ways to get to you as well. They are easily taking an hour or more to help you out at any hour of the day or night. It is better to look at this service as not how long it takes, but what is it worth to you to get into your car as quickly as possible and get back home. To me, even though $100-200 dollars hurts, it’s better than some of the other options. Plus these guys have to pay for their gas, tools, and licenses as well. Please take that into consideration next time you need some emergency service.

J & L has begun getting traction in Salem Oregon and looks to continue to grow where the market demands.

If you live in or around Salem and you are in need of Salem locksmiths, be sure to consider J & L as their reputation is great as well as their service.

You can find their local Salem service information here:

J&L Pacific Lock and Key Salem OR
1223 Commercial St SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 822-6878

Other Locksmith Services Include:

  • Emergency Mobile Locksmith
  • Residential Locksmith Services
  • Commercial locksmith Services In Salem OR
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service In Salem Oregon.

Salem Oregon’s community continues to grow and this will lead to more locksmith needs in the future. If you end up hiring J & L Locksmith in Salem Or and have a great experience, please be sure to let us know so other customers in Salem can learn from your experience.

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